Igor Patro

Passionate Frontend Engineer 🙏

Rzeszów, Poland


Creating modern applications and blazingly fast websites is my passion ⚡ Building beautifully designed layouts gives me enormous satisfaction and motivation 💪

As a React Developer, I have worked in a few different teams and on many projects. Team leading is my break from writing code, and it gives me a lot of joy 😁

Work experience


6 mos

Frontend Engineer

June 2023 - Present
  • Developing interactive and efficient features within an application built on the Next.js, Tailwind, and React Query stack.
  • Collaborated closely with designers and business analysts to develop a long-term vision for projects, ensuring that the end-product not only meets current user needs but is also adaptable to future market trends and requirements.
  • Engaging in active cooperation with Backend Developers to ensure seamless integration and functionality.
  • Designing and implementing a user-centric UI architecture.
  • Estimating tasks with accuracy, considering factors such as project complexity, dependencies, and potential roadblocks, to ensure timely delivery of project components.


1 yr 2 mos


May 2022 - June 2023
  • Taking active part in company strategy and planning, including finances, marketing, sales and product development.
  • Building processes, marketing automations and make.com integrations.
  • Improving company website and landing pages with Gatsby.js.
  • Planning marketing strategies and budgets.
  • Managing finances, contracts and documentation of the company.

Fullstack Developer

May 2022 - Dec 2022
  • Created Cloud architecture for the company, including CI/CD processes, Code Review tools, Developer Experience tools, Project Management tools, Slack workspaces, Google workspaces and other tools.
  • Leading team of 2 developers, UX/UI designer, graphic designer and copywriter across 3 Jamstack projects.
  • Building knowledge library for the company and continuously improving codebase and technologies stack.
  • Closely working with clients and discussing details.


6 mos

Frontend Developer

Dec 2022 - May 2023
  • Building complete React x Redux application with REST API.
  • Closely working with project manager and discussing details of the project and requirements.
  • Constantly improving project management processes and testing new work methodologies and communications techniques.
  • Implementing new technologies and libraries in the project.

DreamStorm Studios

1 yr 7 mos

Fullstack Developer

Jul 2022 - Nov 2022
  • Proposed and implemented a headless content management system that highly reduced the time needed for content editing.
  • Took over the leadership in a 6-person team during a difficult period and managed to complete project tasks within a 2-weeks deadline.
  • Participating in weekly brainstorming sessions and coming up with new features/adjustments to the projects.
  • Cooperating with DevOps Engineers to build and develop proper CI/CD solutions based on AWS and GitLab.
  • Collaborating with the PM and organizing work in the project, determining further development process.
  • Developing Gatsby.js Jamstack project.

Team Leader

Jul 2022 - Nov 2022
  • Leading Unity Gamedev team of 5 people, including 3 developers, 1 artist, 1 designer.
  • Organizing the work in a project
  • Helping developers with technical aspects of the project

Junior React Developer

May 2021 - Jun 2022
  • Created a Stripe payment system that significantly sped up the platform's release.
  • Developing a no-code event platform in React (Next.js & Redux) and TypeScript.
  • Created the technical documentation that cut the onboarding time for new developers by 50%.
  • Reviewing the code of team members and providing them feedback.
  • Constantly learning and expanding knowledge about React and TypeScript by reading articles & exchanging knowledge with other developers.
  • Taking part in AWS workshops & Jest workshops.

SkyAgency 360

7 mos

Frontend Developer

Feb 2021 - Aug 2021
  • Designed and built 3 React websites.
  • Actively communicating and discussing projects with customers and providing them with work reports.
  • Cooperating with various companies and freelancers.
  • Implementing Google Analytics and other tracking solutions.


2 yr 2 mos

Freelance Web Developer

Apr 2020 - May 2022
  • Designing and developing React websites.
  • Optimizing websites to +95/100 points on PageSpeed Insights.
  • Analyzing website traffic and providing UX/UI adjustments to websites.



6 mos

The platform offers an effortless rental experience, bridging the gap between sea adventurers and an expansive selection of vessels at market-friendly prices. It boasts immediate booking capabilities, fortified payment transactions, and unwavering customer assistance, simplifying the journey from the scenic docks of Ibiza to the open waters.

Contribution as a Frontend Engineer:

  • Developing new features/components in Next.js + Tailwind & React Query tech stack.
  • Taking active part UX/UI designing process.
  • Cooperating with Backend Developers and designing API architecture.
  • Estimating tasks to ensure timely delivery of project components.
  • Taking part in business analysis meetsings and discussing project requirements.


6 mos

First-ever Play-to-Own blockchain gaming concept with Sustainability at its core. The main desire of the team was to reconnect people to nature. Through Alóki play-to-own metaverse, users will entertain, earn and educate themselves about nature and Sustainability. Actions made by players in the game reflect real-world actions. Alóki sanctuary was created to bring positive environmental change and make the world a better place.

Contribution as a Frontend Developer & Team Leader:

  • Managing a team of 3 developers and a UX/UI designer.
  • Designing the technical side of the project, planning architecture.
  • Taking part in creating UX/UI and brainstorming sessions with designers.
  • Building Gatsby.js website with Strapi.js headless CMS.
  • Cooperating with DevOps Engineer and planning CI/CD architecture.
  • Actively communicating with a client.
  • Providing help with browser solutions to a game-dev team.
  • Building backend application with newsletter implementation.

The Labz Event Designer

11 mos

A powerful tool to create online events from scratch using simple components. With the ability to change the size, color, pattern, and arrangement of the elements, the user can easily create a website or an online event. It has a lot of extensions and breathtaking features like 3d Panellum implementations, authentication, drawing blackboard, or live streaming. It allows users even to create a videoconference with a live chat!

Contribution as a React Developer:

  • Configuring and implementing Stripe subscription payments.
  • Building perspective component and 360* images viewer (Panellum).
  • Planning and refactoring entire typography on the platform.
  • Designing, developing, and manually testing new features/components.
  • Creating docs for both developers and client.
  • Reviewing the code of team members.


5 mos

Internal game for DreamStorm Studios. The main reason for creating this application was to provide gamification into the company. Employees were able to earn points for completing tasks, and then exchange them for rewards.

Contribution as a Team Leader:

  • Leading team of 5 people, including 3 developers, 1 artist, 1 designer.
  • Organizing the work in a project.
  • Helping developers with technical aspects of the project.


6 mos

A platform for creating and managing services for the printing houes industry. It allows users to manage their orders, create invoices, and manage their clients. It also provides a lot of useful features like a calendar, a chat, and a dashboard. The main goal of the project was to create a platform that would help users to manage their business.

Contribution as a Frontend Developer:

  • Improving existing JavaScript codebase and adding new features.
  • Planning CI/CD processes for the project and helping DevOps Engineer with it.
  • Building UX/UI interfaces


2 yr+

As a freelance web developer I was responsible for both designing and building websites. I’m a big Gatsby fanboy so most of those projects were built in this technology. I was testing a lot of methodologies of work, styling libraries and architecture ideas. Across 2+ years of providing services, I have built 7+ websites for many different clients and industries.

My best project are listed here

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